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The crew working on the NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton” learned how dangerous it could be in the hood when they were involved in a real-life drive by.

Published reports claim the film crew was setting up for a scene at the Compton Courthouse when people unrelated to the film flashed gang signs at a passing vehicle. Witnesses say the gunfire came from the car in response. The shooters seemed to only be targeting the men not associated with the film, but since the crew was setting up in that area, the bullets came very close to hitting them. One person was hit with a stray bullet and collapsed on the scene but survived.

The shootout is currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. At this time, they haven’t confirmed if it was actually a gang-related shooting.

Sources report the film crew were shaken up after the incident but will continue to shoot the NWA biopic in dangerous parts of the city for the rest of the week despite being scared for their personal safety.

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