emerson windy

Every year new emcees emerge from all different places, spitting about anything and everything. The question on every hip-hop heads mind in 2014 should be “Who will be the next young rapper at the top” It speaks volumes to have rap heavyweights on a debut project such as 2Chainz, Pusha T, and Lil Wayne. The west coast will always remain a powerhouse in hip-hop, but Oceanside based emcee Emerson Windy, brings both a finessed character and a kind heart to the game. I got the chance to holler at Emerson about his early influence, plans for the future, and the controversy surrounding his music video for the hit-single “Peace Pipe.”

Dylan Fleming: First of All, clear it up to all the people—Where is Oceanside?

Emerson Windy: Born and Raised in Oceanside. That’s in SD (San Diego)

DF: I wanna congratulate you on the release of your new mixtape Herojuana. You have a lot of big features on it, 2Chainz and Weezy just to name a couple. Are any labels throwing anything your way?

EW: You know at the moment I’ve spoken to a lot of people. I want the right deal, not just any deal. I’ve put a lot into this, and I’ve got to get a lot out.

DF: Is there anybody you’d like to work with?

EW: I mean as of right now… Drake—Kanye.

DF: (laughs) I’m glad to see you have your sights set high. Now you did catch a little bit of flack over the “Peace Pipe” video. A couple months before that you had one of the most positive messages I’d ever seen with the “On My Way Downtown” video. Do you think that critics had ignored what you’d done before?

EW: I wouldn’t say ignored because I don’t think they were even aware of what I was up to prior to peace pipe. I put out the peace pipe one as a piece of art, and I had no idea it was offensive. So I understand that it pissed them off. They got real angry. But they didn’t know who I was prior to that. I’m just happy it’s all over with and we’ve made amends.

DF: Now growing up, who was the emcee you wanted to be?

EW: I mean when I was growing up I wanted to be Eazy-E. You know, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube… 2Pac… all those guys from the west coast.

DF: What new rappers in the game right now do you consider to be your peers?

EW: Kendrick Lamar and anybody new really. We’re underground. Everybody’s a peer.

DF: Where do you see your career in the next year?

EW: In the next year I wanna be out on the road all over the world. How to get new fans everyday. Just driving to be the best that I can.

DF: I gotta ask you: How did you get the name Emerson Windy?

EW: That right there is my porn star name! My middle name and the street I was raised on.

DF: Nice!

EW: So that’s how I put it all together

DF: Hmm… I guess mine would be Alexander Nordica!

EW: (laughs) sounds kinda funky man, there you go.

DF: How do you want people to feel when they hear your music? What do you want them to take away?

EW: I just want them to receive the message. Whatever it is. You know there might be a message about the homeless, it might be about the streets, it might be about world hunger. You never know. I just want people to receive the message, whatever it is.

DF: When people listen to you, do you want them to know what’s going on in Oceanside or the mind of Emerson Windy?

EW: I would say the mind of Emerson Windy. Because my mind isn’t always in Oceanside, my hearts always in Oceanside but my mind isn’t always. I got a very broad outlook on life. That’s how it always is.

DF: How can people get a hold of Emerson Windy’s music?

EW: Emerson is an easy word to find. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Just search Emerson Windy

DF: It’s a very google-able name. I just invented a new verb! Googleable!”

EW: (laughs) Oh shoot we gon’ make a song man! It’ll be the next thing crackin!

DF: Make sure that joint is Googleable!

What can the people expect to hear next from you?

EW: I’m actually shooting a video tomorrow. It’s called I’m the man! It’s gonna be called I’m the man, make sure you check that out it’s gonna be funky.

DF: So look out for the new video “I’m the Man”

EW: Yeah, it’s on the Herojuana project too.

DF: Well thank you for your time man, best of luck to you.

EW: I appreciate it man, much love!