Black Radio was always the source for information in The Community. But, with the purchasing of Black Radio by Mainstream Media and other Corporations that information was taken away from The Community. Have you noticed that news rarely airs on Black Radio. Information is essential. Knowledge is power.

Well, The LMB Network (www.LMBnetwork.com) and it’s Founder Mr. Wiley Brown are making it a point to document the recent rash of Police killings and injustices for our community. Our Social Media Director, Ms. Joyce Oscar has postings of Eric Garner, Staten Island, NY and Mike Brown, Ferguson, MO. The LMB Network will continue to spotlight “aggressive behavior,” by authorities and encourage the public to provide us with footage to post. Music videos take a back seat next to reality.

Continue to visit The LMB Network as we post other events that matter most to The Community. “We will be a voice for those that can’t speak, ears for those that don’t hear and the pulse of The Community to keep living,” says Operations Manager. Thomas Anderson.