When it comes to quality new west coast hip-hop, you can always expect Slik D to get the job done. The Carson, CA via Las Vegas emcee and singer is back with another EP entitled Forever Thankful. 

Slik D has been releasing projects just about every summer since 2009. His signature sound portrays a chill summer-vibe aura, with California soul and message. I’ve been a big fan of Slik’s for several years now, so I knew what to expect on Forever Thankful. By far my favorite song is the head knodder “Something New.” Another highlight of the project was the second track “Water Wings.” The mixtape is without a doubt enjoyable and can carry you out of the summer into the school year. There’s easy listening love songs and some nice tracks to puff and pass with. The only improvement I wanted to see would be to have more recognizable guest appearances. As far as your regular 9 song EP goes, Slik D delivers again with good quality. Forever Thankful lands at 4/5 flies.

slik d fri