We know you caught Mrs. Carter’s stellar performance at the VMAs. Who you might not have known about the new face in pop music who played a big hand in Beyonce’s set this year. Alvester Martin is a singer, songwriter and dancer, who’sworked with too many names in this industry to count. I was able to hear from Alvester first-hand about working with Beyonce, devotion to Michael Jackson, and upcoming singles.

Dylan Fleming: We know you’re very involved with the VMAs this year, for those who don’t know, tell them what you’re doing.

Alvester Martin: Let me see if I can speak on it, I have a little feature role with the first artist who brought me into the industry, which is Beyonce.

DF: Oh ok! Good to see you’re working with Queen B. This must be really exciting because it’s kinda early in your career and you’re working with the woman who’s at the top right now. How does that feel?

AM: You know what it’s always great to be with someone like that. I started off with her early in my career. Before I was an artist, I was a dancer working with her. I’ve learned so much from her, and I continue to learn from her. It’s great, it’s like family, it’s like going back home. You know what I mean?

DF: Yeah I know exactly what you mean. It’s like your roots, your foundation, and whatnot.

AM: I mean it’s great especially now coming back as an artist. It’s like a little kid grew up!

DF: Speaking of going back home, where is home for you?

AM: Originally from Miami, Florida. Southern boy.

DF: Miami! The Yayo

AM: The real Miami. Not just south beach.

DF: Now let’s talk about your early influence. If it wasn’t for that certain artist, you wouldn’t be making music. Who would that artist be?

AM: Definitely Michael Jackson! Hands down! All the way!

DF: Love it, love it. You know it’s crazy because I heard a joke a few years ago: “Michael Jackson is not a genre of music, but it’s like half the people in the game right now would not be around if it wasn’t for Michael.

AM: Yeah man, especially for those of us who were born in the mid-80s and grew up in the 90s. Michael changed the game and flipped the script. Especially for a male singer. From his visuals to his music. Just pushing the bar. Michael’s the best! And not too long ago it was my last dance bid, I got a chance to do his last video “A Place With No Name.”

DF: Do you have a project on the way, and if you do what’s it called?

AM: So now it’s slated for release on Universal Music group. My first debut single “When I’m With You” set for release on the first week in October. I’m extremely excited. That song is from the heart. I wear my heart on my sleve, so whenever you hear my music it’s gonna be about the real side of love. The pain, the joy, the things that make you upset, the things that you can’t help. In your control, out of your control. Especially being a dude you know.

DF: And it’s crazy how you said wearing your heart on your sleeve. That’s almost like a fashion trend.

AM: Yeah, you know I try to help it. But it’s honest.

DF: Now if you could work with ANYONE, who would it be?

AM: Oh. That’s hard, I work with so many great people. Musically? I would say—–

DF: Here I’ll make it easier, you can say a video director, photographer.

AM: You know who I really wanna work with Annie Leibovitz. I’m a fan of her work. The artist I am, I really wanna work on my craft first. I just think she’s an amazing artist. Shout out to Annie Leibovitz, if your (reading) this, there’s an upcoming R&B/Pop artist by the name of Alvester Martin that is down to work with you.

DF: Now in the world of pop music, well let alone the world in general, why should people care about Alvester Martin?

AM: I got something to say. I know that in today’s age we all got something to say. I know that in today’s age we all get caught up in the spectacle of things. We all hear of things, say things, and try to exploit things. But they don’t really get down to the truth of the artist. They don’t really get into the core truth of the artist. They’re fascinated with the spectacle of the artist. That’s why Michael Jackson’s so amazing, that’s why Beyonce’s so amazing. You love them because of how much they put into what they do. I have a story to tell of the little kid who’s gone through pain. And I’ve made it, and I’ve made it out. A lot of people telling me what I can’t do. You have to really go balls to the wall. And that’s why I’m such a strong lover. I’m passionate about what I love to do. The story that I have to tell is relatable, as far as adversity, love, you name it. You’re always gonna hear pretty much the truth and the emotional side of it.


Be on the lookout for more music from Alvester Martin. Follow him on instagram @alwaysalvester.