When hip-hop seems to get progressively more and more boring, the world is always desperate for someone new to come along and change the game. Atlanta rapper Kap-G says “que paso?” to the rap game. His debut mixtape Like a Mexican is is something a modern trap fan wants to have in their library. Kap is just a newbie in the game, but has already collaborated with the likes of Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell Williams, and more. Being a Mexican-American artist from Atlanta is such a unique combination, and makes for an awesome story. The track “Eddie Guerrero” is an instant classic. Like a Mexican is full of slappers like this one. Kap doesn’t go too overboard with the autotune, in fact, he does a decent job at it on “Fuck La Policia (FLP).” Although the mixtape is far from perfect, as far is debut projects go, this one is worth listening to. Sometimes the bars get a little repetitive, but its all still entertaining and stays in good fun. All things considered Like a Mexican evens out at 3/5 flies. “Jose Got  Them Tacos!”