The whole rap meets rock band gimmick in modern music is at times difficult to take seriously. Everyone remembers the days back in elementary school jamming out to Linkin Park, then a few years later there were  Gym Class Heroes, but there aren’t too many hip-hop bands that hold their own in this business. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the biggest N.E.R.D. fans you’ll probably ever meet. But let’s be real people, these fusion acts either are a home-run, or a pop-fly.

Shinobi Ninja a cross hip-hop/rock band from Brooklyn does an exceptional job of pulling off the act. Their music is 100% in the direction of where I’ve been trying to go for the past few years. Not only is it the live instrumentation on all of the songs, but its the use of emcees, female vocalists, and turntablism that makes a recipe for a terrific band.  Watch a couple of these videos and see for yourself. The song “Rock Hood” was featured on the NBA 2k12 Soundtrack. Their sophomore album Escape From New York is available now.–4_T_mxunc