Bobby WomackWhen R&B singer Bobby Womack passed away a few months ago after a battle with a plethora of health issues, he also left behind a remnants of a financial battle. According to published reports, his family recently announced that he died broke and left them about $250,000 in back child support debt. Womack’s widow, Regina, has filed court documents in Los Angeles that show the unpaid debt that the he owed for the care of two of his sons: one who is just 14 years old. Womack also passed away without settling an unpaid loan of about $400,000.

The documents also showed that at the time of his passing, Womack didn’t have assets liquid or otherwise that could be used to cover the debt that now burdens his family. They show that his personal belongings, a 1974 Buick and some jewelry valued at about $7,250. His cash reserves total a little over $50,000. Womack’s royalties and music rights for his lifetime work is estimated in the vicinity of $350,000. It is hoped that this amount will help with settling a portion of his outstanding debts, however, this can only be achieved if there are any willing buyers for his body of work. (dang…if you think you’re lonely now.)