A high rate of divorce and paparazzi hounding are two major reasons celebs attempt to keep their weddings private and may also be the reasons why superstar Usher is tight in the collar about whether or not he has married his longtime girlfriend and manager Grace Miguel. The two have been together for five years, longer than any relationships that Usher has had. He has, however, proposed to (almost allegedly) every girl he has been with so, at least he’s consistent. If they did slip and do a Janet Jackson & Rene Elizondo, congratulations to the happy couple.

Usher and Grace Miguel wife (2)

Usher and Grace Miguel

tameka raymondUnfortunately, the same cannot be said for Usher’s ex, Tameka. While complaining that editing of the show, Atlanta Exes, of which she’s a prominent cast member, portrays her as a “villain” you don’t see her leaving the show(this said by a woman who allegedly beat down a suspected side piece in an Atlanta club). Like the majority of reality show players, Tameka needs a check. Her coins must be tighter than a Joan Rivers facelift as recent reports allege her bank account has been garnished in order to pay off a $200,000+ lawsuit. Damages were awarded to the plaintiff in the amount of $204,665.15, leaving Tameka to lose the $13,000 or so she had in her checking account. As with Tameka and other celebrity exes, the question may be asked if the drastic change in their formerly fab lifestyle leaves them “shook” and whether some of them have a hard time letting go.

Usher tour logoNow, back to Usher baby!! There is little doubt that “The UR Experience” tour or his 8th studio project, tentatively titled “UR” will disappoint. Usher “still got hit records” and all of the right moves…….”The UR Experience” kicks off in Montreal on November 1.

AUGUST ALSINAIn other Usher related news, the opening act for his upcoming tour is on the mend. Singer August Alsina recently collapsed and fell off of the stage while performing in New York in support of his debut album, “Testimony.” The New Orleans native suffered from several seizures and was in a coma for three days! .Alsina woke up from the coma this past Friday and took to social media to thank fans for their concern. We send him “buzz” love and get well wishes.