Is it true that the good die young? The answer is yes in the case of South Carolina emcee/singer Speaker Knockerz. He was bearly 20-years-old when he passed away from an overdose on codeine. It’s truly heartbreaking a young man with such talent had to go that way.

To some of you, this isn’t such a new artist. I first heard Speaker Knockerz back in April. What a better way to be introduced to his work than hearing the lyrical masterpeice “Rico Story” the song is an eight minute ballad telling the story of two corrupted young drug lords and their battle against law enforcement. This semester, I’ve adopted the trap anthem “Lonely” as my personal theme song. Other songs you must here are “Erica Kane” and “Dance.” Let’s not forget about the club banger “Dap You Up.” I can’t wait for them to play this at the next on campus party.

Style wise, Speaker Knockerz is a mix between Future and Rich Homie Quan. The use of auto-tune may be something you personally feel some type of way about, but just get over it for once– OK?

Speaker Knockerz free project Finesse Father is available to download.

Rest In Peace Derek McAllister AKA Speaker Knockerz. Gone too soon. Check out some of his videos below:

“Dap You Up”

“Erica Kane”