pensado and herb

Herb Trawick & Dave Pensado

Pensado’s Place, the hugely popular Web TV Series created by Herb Trawick, featuring he and Mix legend Dave Pensado get’s even bigger. Currently seen in over 187 countries, used by almost 200 schools as curriculum… Pensado’s Place goes to the next level with two major announcements.

Pensado Papers_FrontCover

The Pensado Papers

First is the release of The Pensado Papers; published by Hal Leonard, who publishes Quincy Jones and others. The Pensado Papers is an inspiring, funny, behind the scenes look at Dave and Herb’s careers, the creation of the show, it’s huge impact, plus tips from the masters.

Also an announcement of a global distribution deal for “Pensado Products” in 65 countries and including every major “big-box” and online retailer happens at the top of October.

The Urban Buzz was there 6 years ago when the idea was formed, we’ve attended show tapings and went to the first Pensado Awards with participation from Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Israel Houghton and Saturday Night Live. Now the book and global distribution deal! Killing it! Way to go Herb and Dave!



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