Told you they’d be back! Last fall Indie Buzz turned you on to Los Angeles based rapper Ol Sol and his squad Left Method. Ol Sol’s debut tape Phazes was straight. Since then Left Method has released a couple projects here and there, but the follow up to Phazes was what we were really looking forward to. The sophomore project PURE is a huge improvement, and now we know just what to expect when hearing the homie spit.

This is a strong project, with some returning names and some newcomers. Get ready to be exposed to some new producers when you listen to PURE. The tape has songs like “No Thotties” to catch a twerk to, “Smoke Break” to light one up to, and “What Up” to just ride out to. But my favorite track off of here has gotta be “Big Booty.” The beat on “Don’t Ask Me” is straight west coast, but I can’t say I honestly felt that hook though. I think it’s time some big names start getting down with Left Method. A lot of these beats have a DJ Mustard flavor to them, so YG, Dom Kennedy, and Nipsey Hussle fans will get the picture. Ol Sol did a good job of showing the world what goes on in my neck of the woods (That’s Pasadena and North East LA in case you didn’t know). I’d be hatting if I gave PURE anything less than a 4/5 flies.