Boom92 Houston logoAfter a week of commercial-free wall to wall Beyoncé, Radio One-Houston’s former News/Talk KROI flips to Classic Hip-Hop as BOOM 92. The station promises to deliver the best in old school “lyrics, rhythms and beats.”

Boom 92 will be programmed by Radio One Houston OM Terri Thomas, who commented, “We couldn’t be more excited about bringing Classic Hip Hop back to listeners who grew up on the lyrics, beats and rhythm of this genre of music.” Radio One says it has research to support its belief that Houston wants Classic Hip Hop.

Boom 92 Houston is a classic hip-hop station that features artists like Jay Z, Biggie, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Missy Elliott, Geto Boys, UGKand more! The only station that represents the hip-hop you grew up with 24-7.

Word from the curb is this format will debut in additional markets including a move north to Philadelphia’s WRNB. The curb’s sources further alleges the Philadelphia station may spin the revolving door of staffing in key dayparts.  Buckle up and prepare to expect the unexpected when announcements are made relative to additions, defections or deletions to the on-air staff.  Will the on-air staff be heavily comprised of old school hip-hop artists??? Stay tuned and dust off your Kangols, Adidas and Gazelles.

In other Radio One news: Radio One Detroit has a new morning show on WGPR (Hot 107.5). The Morning Heat, stars Big Greg, Deelishis and Foolish.

Morning Heat

The Morning Heat, Big Greg, Deelishis and Foolish