SUGAR HILL RECORDS LOGOsugar-hill-gang55035 years ago this week, the hip hop classic Rapper’s Delight was released, peaking #4 R&B and #36 Pop.




GM Caz 1When group member Big Bank Hank delivered the line” my rhymes are on, from what you heard, I didn’t even write (or bite), not a G*****mn word” he was honest. All of his verses were written by Grandmaster Caz of the Cold Crush Brothers who was not credited or compensated.




Sgarhill gang namesTwo original group member, Wonder Mike and Master Gee continue to perform together as “Rappers Delight” f/ Wonder Mike and Master Gee(beware of the fakers).


I want my nameIn late 2011, Wonder Mike and Master Gee’s documentary, “I Want My Name Back” chronicled their battles, struggles, betrayals and a few “good times” with Sugarhill Records(this film is a must see).




LaLa Song coverTheir most recent chart appearance was in 2008 on the LaLa Song with French DJ Bob Sinclair, which peaked at #21US and reached to Top 10 overseas.