Zalemark Holding Company, Inc., the renowned jewelry design, product development, manufacturing and branding company announces “Reggae Royalty and Jewelry Excellence create unique creative pairing with award winning designer Steven Zale to launch, By The
Morgan’s (BTM)”. Mojo Morgan, a professional musician and a member of The Royal Family of Reggae “Morgan Heritage” has established “By The Morgan’s (BTM) to launch the handmade Italian jewelry line “Infinite Love”. After securing the manufacturing and licensing agreement, BTM has joined forces with the industry renowned distributor Zalemark Holding Company Inc., an OTC listed Company.


Steven Zale

Steven Zale quoted “This is a natural pairing to bring the two most intimate senses together; the visual beauty of jewelry and the sensual rhythm of music. This combination creates a rare connection between a commercial incentive and an emotional bond between the consumer and the product.”


Mojo Morgan

“Music bridges people around the world. No matter your place of birth, economic class or skin color; it all evokes a human feeling. So it is natural to pair up my music with something as beautiful as jewelry”, states Mojo.