Lyrical monster Don Tesla busted on the scene earlier this month with his debut mixtape Space Age Vintage. Tesla spits over hot beats from the likes of J Dilla, Alchemist, Timbaland, and more. Don Tesla hails from the 804 that’s Richmond, VA in case you didn’t know. The 23-year old emcee combines southern flavor with traditional hip-hop lyricism. When not recording or mixing down a new track, you can catch Don Tesla bringing on Hampton University’s marching band The Force. Space Age Vintage was an anticipated release, and has been well received not only on HU’s campus, but all throughout the Hampton Roads and Richmond area. His flow will remind you of Joey Bada$$ mixed with a little bit of Denzel Curry of Raider Klan. On a nice clear day, walking around campus you’ll find yourself repeating the lyrics “Peace, Love, and Equality” once you hear the cornerstone track of the project. Tesla proves his own creativity through his various skits with references to old school R&B, with nods to Teddy Riley and Michael Jackson. All in all, Space Age Vintage is decent, and is worth checking out if you’re truly a hip-hop head. The mixtape lands at a decent 3.5/5 flies.


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