Ford Nelson

Ford Nelson has been on WDIA-Memphis since 1950 and is retiring after a 64 year career at one of the country’s most important radio stations. Mr. Nelson joined WDIA as BB King’s piano player. B.B. went on to have a little career (lol)  and Mr. Nelson took on as a professional radio announcer. He has seen so much in his career, being on air when Dr. King was assassinated, computers and automation, but you can hear him Sunday mornings, running his own board, and playing the gospel songs he loves so much. His last show will be this Sunday Oct 26th, and can be heard on iheartradio.  By the way Mr. Nelson is 89 and turning 90 early 2015. Mr Nelson graduated from Memphis HBCU Lemoyne-Owen College. WDIA is 65 this year, and everyone from Chicago to St Louis, as far south as New Orleans has a WDIA story from back in the day. It’s still thriving under Bobby O’Jay’s programming genius. And still is the Goodwill station.










We want to thank iHeartRadio Regional Program Manager Devin Steel for bringing this is story to our attention.