“Hopefully, People of Color in this industry are ready and knowledgeable about Streaming?” This is the question that I,Thomas Anderson, Operations Manager, LMB Network asked our Founder, Mr. Wiley Brown. We’re still coming to grips with internet radio. When will Black People get ahead of the curve and not be behind it?

The industry has been undergoing technological changes over the past year at warp speed. I Heart Media, Inc. has been forging ahead, broadband is coming to the fore and recently, I had a conversation with F.C.C. Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and she stressed, MOBILE!

“Streaming,” is here and too many people aren’t ready and don’t realize the advantage of having this platform available. In addition to owning WLBM-FM, Danville, IL and having eight radio station Affiliates that broadcast our programs, we also have a full-service Video Production Company, Contempo Studio. Wiley Brown ll, President of the studio informed me that we could’ve streamed the recent Johnny Gill concert in Memphis to the world! His show would’ve been on ALL the Platforms (internet and terrestrial radio, website) The LMB Network offers.

As the year comes to a close, more events will be streamed to listeners/viewers because it offers them the best of both worlds–audio and video. More importantly, it’s about being able to enjoy the event in comfort of your own home or with friends. It’s a great marketing tool, because it puts the Talent in front of their audiences on a global basis.

People, wake up. With so many Platforms out here, Black Station Owners must move from terrestrial radio only (Clear Channel did) to internet radio, streaming, broadband and mobile Platforms. Lift your head up and see what’s going on around you before it’s too late. The day of having a local station is about the same as owning high-button shoes. The future awaits. Hope to see you there.

DSC_0336Thomas Anderson is the Operations Manager of the online radio stream, LMB Network