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On behalf of my team at Pendulum Records I salute you for your efforts to celebrate the heritage and ever changing art form that is Black Music. Black Music Month is a wonderful opportunity to not only honor, but also a chance to give back. During this momentous month we honor great Black music icons; past and present for their accomplishments as performers, producers, writers, technicians, musicians and more. I would like to offer a very special thanks to Urban Radio for the recognition given to these significant contributions.

I can remember as Senior VP of Columbia Records how important it was for me and LeBaron Taylor to plant seeds for the future.  The idea was but a simple one; to inspire and enrich the culture as it relates to Black music communities.  We created a campaign called “A Chance to Give Something Back” and today I am inspired with the same mission each time a new artist crosses my desk.  I think about a chance to “Give Something Back”   This is how we can truly honor Black Music Month.

Black Music Month presents us with the ability to offer opportunity to rising stars.  Urban Media I appreciate you for doing just that for Pendulum Records R&B Soul Artist Shaliek.  Shaliek’s capacity to interpret a song is reminiscent of Black music icons such as Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye.  I thank the list of Media supporters who have taken a chance to receive and nourish Shaliek.  My team and I are so appreciative and know that stations globally will follow your lead and embrace “The Past” and the forthcoming CD; Blood Sweat Tears during its August 2013 release.

In closing I commend you on continuously being a source of music, culture and information. In this celebration of Black Music month let us continue to plant the seeds and nourish our rising stars and future music trailblazers.  May you always inspire the business of music, its sound, purpose and its future.

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Ruben Rodriguez

CEO, Pendulum Records

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