dear white people 2

Dear White People =  –  ****A-

Generally entertaining, hits a lot of points, clumsy at times in making points however in the end  we all have our own ways of thinking and truth is better than fiction. Maybe truth for the college was that funding won over integrity and institutional racism plays on in many corners.  Actors felt real and layout of movie will be good for classroom discussions. I thought movie would play a lot on the campus of the University of Minnesota (where a portion of the film was shot) however, the Women’s Club of Minneapolis was where 90% of the scenes were filmed. I’ve been to that place too much. The Dean’s office, dorm hallways, dining hall, stairways to upper level, front door, and so on … funny. I would see it again.


Coventry C

Coventry Cowens

Coventry R. Cowens, Freelance photographer and writer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Student advisor at St. Catherine University, on the founding board of the Minnesota African American Museum and volunteer program director/Sister Cities International Coordinator with International Leadership Institute. Extensive travel resume including Africa, Central and South America, Europe and other places state side.