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Stan Sheppard

Stan Sheppard


On November 25th 2014, a ground breaking Rap compilation project entitled “Inner City Dreams”, will be released worldwide by “StarU Records/INgrooves” which will help raise funds to assist the families in the city of Chicago who have lost children and loved ones to senseless acts of violence.

Entertainment industry executive, Stan Sheppard, who was born and raised on 79th St. on the South Side of Chicago in an area currently known as “Terror Town”, decided to do the project to assist the families in Chicago because he was witnessing murders on a daily basis there and the main concern “after the deaths of these individuals” was how the families were going to pay for the “funeral and burial services”.

Stan Sheppard then contacted the nationally known Civil Rights Advocate/Priest “Father Michael Pfleger”, who is viewed as a “Champion” for Black and Hispanic peoples rights and discussed his vision for helping these families through the power of music, while at the same time, “speaking to the young men and women through the lyrics in each song that would be included on the album project”.

Father Michael Pfleger then suggested to Sheppard that they work directly with the Chicago based organization known as “Purpose Over Pain”, which is comprised of “parents who have lost their own children to gang violence” and that organization would work side by side with the families currently living the nightmare of losing a child or loved one and help them through the burial process in a dignified manner.

Sheppard’s plan creatively speaking, was to create an album that would resonate with
the “streets nationwide” without peppering each song with fake lyrics and stories about
extravagant lifestyles and drug dealing activities that many of the current Rappers speak
about in their songs.

None of the songs on the album were created with the goal of competing with the current crop of Rap songs that are being played on radio across the country.

star uAlthough the musical tracks and overall feel of the album is street edged in nature, none of the songs contain lyrics referring to the “B-Word” or the “N-Word” and there are no positive references to gang activities, pimping, drug usage or drug sales.

The incredible project has teamed explosive “Underground Rap music stars” from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Compton, Watts, Port Arthur Texas and New Orleans with Platinum West Coast Rap artist “Glasses Malone” and the iconic, legendary artist/producer “DJ Battlecat”.

The album also features the amazing pairing of Def Poetry Jam’s spoken word artist “Daniel Beaty” and the hard core, deep, bass driven sound of “DJ Battlecat” on the song entitled “Knock Knock” which has had reviewers nationwide saying that “this is a song that all Urban Radio should expose their listeners to”.

Listen below to the lead song off of the “Inner City Dreams” project entitled “Bullets Got No Name” which is by the artist known as “KG Winnin” Feat. “Hollywood Scotty”

The “Inner City Dreams” album will be available at iTunes and all digital outlets worldwide starting on November 25th 2014.

Inquiries concerning the project please contact: [email protected]