In light of the wide spectrum of reviews and opinions before, during and after the airing of  Lifetime’s biopic, “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” and it’s follow-up “Beyond The Headlines: Aaliyah.”  Team Urban Buzz has the following observations:

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1.  When the biopic was first announced in June, fans across the globe were outraged and took to social media with a petition to stop the project and support the Haughton family who refused to release the rights for the use of the late singer’s music in the biopic(Red flag #1)

Lifetime logo2.  Lifetime claimed 3.2 million viewers tuned in this past Saturday and to quote producer Wendy Williams “whether you loved it or hated it, at least you watched.” The question is how long anyone watched before taking to social media shutting down Twitter with comments that ranged from “this is worse than Flex Alexander as Michael Jackson” to “call the po-po. A crime has been committed.” At the end of the day Lifetime gained ratings which equal fat checks for them as well as Executive Producer (check writer)Ms. Wendy who provided Lifetime more free publicity than they’d ever want to pay for (Red flag #2 & #3)

3.  Zendaya Coleman got off this bus before it hit the wall and went back to her Disney checks! She and Alexandra Shipp, the actress that replaced her allegedly received threats against their life.(a bit much)

aaliyah film cast

4.  The most entertaining moment this past Saturday night was when Timbaland took to social media with his opinion slamming the movie as “bulls–t” and unleashed a barrage of snarky memes created by others as well as selfie videos on his Instagram page. “Hope y’all not watching this!!!!!!!!” he said, adding, “People! Thanks for the comments tonight on that bulls–t Aliyah movie! They have felt Timbo’s wrath tonight, baby!” @Timbaland no” (Red flag #4)

Can you name the actors in this photo who portrayed Aaliyah, Missy or Timbaland??

5.  The only actress that anyone could recognize was Elyse Neal playing Aaliyah’s aunt, Gladys Knight. Ms. Neal got her check however small it might have been. Some money is better than none which also makes one wonder what the budget or lack thereof was for this trip into the abyss of WTH!(Red flag #5)

In light of this hot mess “lie-o-pic,” Angela Bassett, call Stella, get your groove back and don’t allow Lifetime to throw you further under the buss with the Whitney Houston, project. Jump off of this train that’s surely going to wreck it Ralph!


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  1. Juanita Stephens

    Nicely written Tanya. There are many of us who felt the same way about the movie.