Hip Hop Sisters2

As if this world needs another hip hop reality show, there’s one on the horizon that may be worthy of a viewing or two. Enter “Hip Hop Sisters” executive producer and hip hop icon, MC Lyte as the voice of reason.  The show will feature Monie “In The Middle” Love, Lil “Lip Gloss” Mama, “You Can’t Play With My” Yo Yo, MC “My brother is Chris Stokes and he can’t get me a hit” Smooth and Lady of Rage with her ruff-n-stuff afro puffs! These ladies join MC Lyte as they attempt to resurrect their careers. Let’s keep it real, MC Lyte is the only one of the group to have a career and a multi-faceted one at that.  She’s the voice of almost every awards show, the President of  NARAS (aka the Grammys) L.A. chapter, co-hosts the syndicated radio show “Café Mocha” and still commands a nice five digit payday for concerts. (Yes, she still “cold rocks” the party.) It’s a challenge for an artist in any genre to resurrect a career when they are a one hit (maybe two hit) wonder and been off the scene for five to ten or more years. The hip hop game has changed considerably since these sisters came out of the lab and I see a great challenge ahead of them. I wish the ladies well as most of them are close to the ages of the mothers of today’s sister of hip hop! I’d like to think these ladies are of a certain age where cussing, fighting, screaming and “hater-ation” hood rat behavior isn’t on the menu!  What… Salt-n-Pepa, Missy Elliot and Da Brat did not reply to the Facebook request the day they came up with this bad idea?

L–R: Monie Love, Lil Mama, MC Lyte, Lady of Rage, MC Smooth

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