Snoop Dogg‘s iconic album, “Doggystyle,” artwork from 1993 has been put on auction by Heritage Auctions and is expected to bring in $10,000 on December 6.  “This is a true treasure of Hip-Hop and American Pop Culture,” said Dean Harmeyer, Consignment Director at Heritage Auctions.  He added, “Snoop’s debut ‘Doggystyle‘ immediately established him as an A-List artist and one of the most important figures in popular music over the last two decades.”  Doggystyle made history — becoming the highest-selling debut album of first week sales. The album sold 800,000 units in its first week. To this date, the album sold more than five million units.  The artwork shows a comic-version of Snoop as a canine. Joe Cool created the iconic artwork, based on the producer Dr. Dre‘s concept.