Friends and colleagues of iconic AM radio station KGFJ came together to pay a living tribute to the man who was responsible for much of the stations’ success, William E. Shearer. Colonel Shearer was VP/GM and owner of the station buying it from Inner City Broadcasting in the 80’s. Mr. Shearer was also instrumental in the early success of KACE. Jamie Young, Theresa Price, Elston Butler, Carole Carper, Ed Evans, Ron Brewington, Kevin Fleming and Rick Nuhn hosted a special gathering at Rick’s home in Los Angeles last weekend. Industry veterans came together for the special salute and celebration of the many contributions Mr. Shearer has made to so many successful careers. We had a great time. On a personal note, Mr. Shearer brought me to Los Angeles to program KGFJ in 1984.

Bill and Kevin

Bill Shearer

Theresa Price, Licia Shearer, Elston Butler, Ed Evans

Theresa Price, Elston Butler, Licia Shearer and Ed Evans

Rod Wright, Nicole Shearer and Bill Shearer

Rod Wright, Nicole Shearer and Bill Shearer




Group 1

5 Responses

  1. Val Hicks

    Wonderful!! We need more like him here in the Los Angeles area.

  2. Donna Champ

    One Dear Man. Mr Shearer had a way a making everyone he connected with feel so special..heartbreaking news ..

    Donna Champ