MBE Logo1 (2)Atlanta-based industry vet Arlinda Garrett’s Coming Attractions Promotions will host the first annual Music Business Empowerment Conference March 13-15, 2015.  The conference is designed to build relationships through direct introduction to industry professionals. This unique event offers something for anyone who’s passionate about music, entertainment and the willingness to learn.

Attendees are afforded the opportunity to have One on One sessions with industry professionals from Atlantic Records, Universal Music Group and others. MBEC has assembled a star-studded lineup of radio personalities and executives, tastemakers and music icons from areas including artist management, digital distribution, publicity, independent label owners, and label executives among others who will provide invaluable knowledge in their area of expertise.

The seminars and workshops will cover a wide range of topics such as intellectual property, music publishing, royalties, radio airplay and social media marketing. Attendees will be equipped with the essential tools needed to advance their careers and obtain the necessary leadership skills, resources and networking opportunities.

Garrett adds, “I came up in the business at a t time where we had several conference that afforded access to people who were really able to shape careers and you could forge a relationship with major industry execs. Today’s artists need tools to assist in handling all aspects of their business. Those avenues don’t exist in today’s industry climate and I felt this type of event is sorely needed, to empower, encourage and educate todays artists in the various aspects of building a successful and long terms career.” For details call 404-382-5823.

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