This fall the Indie Buzz saw a lot of growth and had a lot of promising things to offer. Specials were created like Watch it Wednesday and Emcees By The Sea. Then all of a sudden the dopest page on The Urban Buzz Dropped off the face of the earth. The Indie Buzz was no where to be seen or found.

Well today I’m here to announce that the blog you know and love is coming back with new content and some familiar favorites. There will be more presence of other web movers and shakers on here, so look forward to reading about other friends of the Indie Buzz. I’ll try my best to give you your weekly dose of music videos and updates on new artists (keyword: try).

As for an excuse for this brief hiatus, I must inform you that in this time I’ve completed my screenplay which I’ve been working on since the start of the semester. Also I’ve had some severe computer trouble, which just recently was resolved. So Indie Buzz is going to be back and running in no time. Don’t call it a relaunch or a comeback. Just call it 2015. Happy Holidays!