Tower of Power


Rick Stevens

Rick Stevens was the lead vocalist on Tower of Power’s  “You’re Still A Young Man”. Many think he was the original lead vocalist however, that isn’t correct. Rufus Miller was the lead singer on most of songs on their debut album “East Bay Grease” released in 1970. When he left the group, Rick assumed all lead vocals by 1972 when their debut album on Warner Bros. Records “Bump City” was released. “East Bay Grease” was released in 1970 on the San Francisco label and distributed by Atlantic Records.

Ricks drug addiction led to his leaving the band and few years after that he was arrested, tried and convicted of murdering 3 drug dealers. He was sentenced to serve 7 years to life for his crimes. In 2013 he was paroled after serving 36 years of that sentence.

In 1973 the group released “So Very Hard to Go” with Lenny Williams now doing lead vocals. It would be their biggest selling record to date.

“You’re Still A Young Man” – Tower of Power featuring then lead vocalist Rick Stevens after having done a 36 year bid for three murders.

“You’re Still A Young Man” – Tower of Power – original studio recording – 1972

“So Very Hard To Go” – Tower of Power – Lenny Williams lead vocalist – 1973

As reported to The Urban Buzz by Kirkland Burk.