It seems as though 90s southern hip-hop has a special place in the hearts of many of today’s emerging emcees. This is certainly true when you listen to rappers like Robb Bank$, A$AP Rocky, and Bones. The artist may not hail from the south, but still draw influence from the region’s music. San Francisco flame spitter RVMIRXZ (pronounced Ramirez) is the next cloud-rapper to look out for.


Since the release of his debut mixtape TRILLITY in November of 2013, RVMIRXZ has gone on to drop three more projects with his latest release Captain Levi, RVMIRXZ put out on Christmas Day. After stumbling upon his 2014 project PHAROAHSS, I was definitely impressed with the artistic style. The mix of Texas trill beats and west coast flavor had me hooked. Listen to tracks like “Murder,” “Matrix,and “Swang (Feat. Jeff Mack$).”  Be prepared to  be exposed to a host of emcees and producers when you listen to a project from the bay area rapper. Southern giants like UGK, Outkast, and Three Six Mafia aren’t the only influence for RVMIRXZ. He is also an avid Dragonball Z fan! Check and see for yourself when you watch the video for “Home Invasions.”

PHARAOHS scores a 4/5 flies over here!

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