Just when you thought you couldn’t get anymore new west coast slappers, here comes Andy Duz-It! The Fresno, CA rapper is all about making turn up jams for you to roll one up to. You could call Andy a cross between Wiz Khalifa and up-and-coming rapper KYLE. The homie’s¬†soundcloud has endless tracks to bump, so if you’re looking for some new pre-game anthems, look no more! I have high expectations for what’s to come from Andy Duz-It. Being Vietnamese in the rap game isn’t a common thing, even in 2015, so it’s cool to see a new face out here. Tracks to peep first would have to be “Stoner Girls in My City,” “Top Deck 52,” and “When I’m Rollin (Feat. Shampane Cadi)” Pay particular close attention to the songs with samples from pop band 2AM Club (a name we probably have all forgotten). His mixtape Welcome to the League dropped on 4/20 last year and is available for free download on Datpiff. If you don’t like rap that only talks about smoking weed, keep scrolling. (Kanye Shrug)

andy duz it


Watch the video for Andy Duz-It’s “Champagne and Waiters” here:


Check out all music from Andy Duz-It at https://soundcloud.com/andy-duz-it.