T.I. shotClifford ‘T.I.’ Harris is the latest recording artist to branch outside of music and acting to embark on a new venture… food & customer service! T.I. has earner somewhat of reputation as a ” culinary master burner” in the kitchen so a restaurant venture is not so far fetched. According to a press release received from Camp TIP, Harris is now the proud owner of an undisclosed downtown historic Atlanta building he’s rehabbing to fit his vision of an upscale Southern cuisine restaurant  An official announcement with complete details is planned for release in the coming weeks.  Word from the curb speculates the eatery TI Food editmay take up residence in the recently closed Vibe Restaurant. Announcement of the venture leaves inquiring minds wondering if TI can succeed in the Atlanta dining scene where Ludacris (Straits), Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (Justin’s), Jagged Edge (Red Shoe Café) and Jermaine Dupri (Café Dupri) have failed. In his defense, Luda’s business savvy advisors have secured a coveted contract to serve “Chicken & Beer” in Atlanta’s Hartfield Jackson Airport. Atlanta restaurants, churches and hair salons come a dime a dozen and many open and close within a few years (yes, churches do close) because there a so many options.  Savvy “foodies” can GPS restaurants up in “the cut” Rib tipssans atmosphere with amazing food and others with freshly starched table linens have good and or marginal food, a wonderful atmosphere lacking customer service. Which is more important to you? If T.I.’s new restaurant is truly different it may be open much longer and draw larger crowds than Diddy’s once did at its peak.  Only time along with menu and service will tell. Can I get a rib “tip” special with some white bread please?