2013 Season of “The Voice” Finalist. Team Usher


“All I Wanna Do”


Vedo’s Long Awaited First Single!

“All I Wanna Do”

2013 Season of “The Voice” Finalist Team Usher.

The Long Awaited First Single!

Vedo “All I Wanna Do”

Impacting UAC Radio February 23rd & 24th

New this week: WJKS, KNDA, WMXZ, WXST, WJMI!

Already on: VYBE Radio

Watch Vedo’s “All I Wanna Do” video

“Fresh talent, fresh music, fresh R&B for Urban Mainstream and Urban Adult.

It’s good to have talent like VEDO on the radio again.”
Steve Crumbley, WMXZ/WXST-Charleston

“I remember him from the show! Love the song!”Stan Branson, WJMIJackson


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