TLC After making the rounds of the major TV, radio and web outlets, the ladies of TLC are about to attempt to “TCB” again. In their desire to give their dedicated fans, new TLC music (again) over which they’ll have complete creative control, the ladies have taken to Kickstarter to raise funds to release a CD. As of 5pm eastern time on January 20th, 2015, with 29 days remaining in the fundraising campaign, 820 backers have pledged $73,217 , placing TLC at 48% of their $150,000 goal. Yes, the industry as we know it has dramatically changed since TLC took the industry by storm in the early 90’s and while industry insiders speculate they will achieve this goal, the bigger question is, why hasn’t anyone anywhere signed them?… Wait for it because this scenario could lay the foundation, for Crazy, Sexy, Broke and Back… The TLC Story, Part II.

kickstarter 1While TLC joined 80’s boy (now man) band NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) for the announcement of their joining The Main Event Tour, Donny Wahlberg donated $10,000 to the cause. TLC, KNOTB and Nelly, hit the road for The Main Event Tour for two months in May with pre-sales starting Friday. Die- hard fans can pay the premium for “The Main Event VIP Experience.” With that said, a summer 2015 release date for the new TLC CD, will more than likely be “delayed.”  Inquiring minds also want to know, if TLC will use any of their proceeds from the tour to invest in their upcoming musical endeavor or if they operate with the OPM (other people’s money) method.

nkotb tlc pic

At a news conference this morning New Kids’ Donnie Wahlberg said “We perform. TLC are performers. They come from our era. They dance. They work. They put effort into the stage show. We learned from the Motown era, New Edition and groups like that and we took it to our level. TLC learned from groups like The Supremes… It’s not just a couple of girls standing around singing and making sure that their hair’s good. They put it out. And so does Nelly.”

TLC’s Chili added “TLC and New Kids might work on an up-tempo song together but they won’t outdance us, that’s not going to happen.” Surely, the friendly spirit of competition, sold out shows and coins on coins, will energize each three hour show, which will be performed in the round… don’t go chasing waterfalls, but expect to be entertained.