Very few emcees earn the title of being called my favorite rapper. Ever so often comes one person who has the perfect combination of lyricism and production to excel through the ranks and find himself at my personal top. In the past couple of years, Robb Bank$ is one of the lone rappers who’s accomplished this. The South Florida artist just released this new music video for his second single “2phoneshawty” off his upcoming debut album Year of the Savage (Y.O.T.S). The video is gritty with a dark early 90s VHS horror movie vibe, similar to what other cloud rappers like Bones,  Xavier Wulf, and Chris Travis have been using lately. The bars Bank$ drops on this track are excellent. The song is produced by none other than Space Ghost Purrp and NURI, who were responsible for the bulk of the produciton on Bank$’ last mixtape Tha City Play close attention to in the beginning where he says “My spit game Parappa The Rapper.” I was also impressed when he mentioned “Bleeding Hearts Club” which is a nod to classic work from Minneapolis based Indie label Rhymesayers Entertainment (I recently found out Bank$ is an Atmosphere fan). If you’re looking for a six minute Halloween in January vibe, look no further. Year of The Savage is definitely the number one project I look forward to hearing this year.