Empire logoHotter than fried fish grease, hotter than Cee-Lo Green’s new CD and hotter than Chris Brown’s ID theft is the possibility, however remote that Oscar® winner Denzel Washington may join the cast, in a role yet to be determined, of the FOX smash series “Empire.” Fox is banking hard on Taraji TerrenceEmpire to be the new gem in a crown that has become full of cubic zirconias. Renewed for a second season after only two episodes, the new FOX executives are rumored to have an “Empire” open checkbook, sparing no expense since American Idol has moved into the “snoozer” category. There is high probability that the two shows will cross promote in predictable plot, much like a sub-plot in the current episode of “Empire.”The Empire list of guest stars has become a “who’s who” with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey(is this a “Precious” and “The Butler” reunion?), Lee Daniels’ Philadelphia home girl, Patti LaBelle and the “ticky boom” of Foxy Brown and Macy Gray. Word from the curb is that 50 Cent is using his “power” to jockey for a guest spot. We’ve already been treated to the appearances of Gladys Knight, Cuba Gooding, Jr and supermodel Naomi Campbell from the “Empire Celebrity Corner.”

denzelIn a recent interview, Daniels revealed he and Washington are currently discussing the potential joining the series. Daniels stated: Denzel hasn’t done television in 30 years. But he saw the pilot and said, ‘I’ve got to be a part of this.’ Will Denzel be a thorn in the side of Terrence Howard’s terminally ill character Lucious, stealing the “empire” or will he advise hood fab Cookie how to get more than half of her company back?

Empire will continue to serve up new music compliments of Timbaland, clothes from his wife Monique’s closet and “yes Gawd” gags without fail. This week is no exception…..No spoiler alert here, all I will say is C-C-C….Cookie, Camilla and Coins!