Since 2013, Indie Buzz has strongly supported Orlando emcee Mr. 3. Why? Because he’s doing something different with a style that no one else out could compare to. His sophomore mixtape Polite Society is a project you need to have in you’re library if you’re looking for a new underground rapper with endless punchlines and original production. Mr. 3 followed up with the release of Keef Sweat, which was decent but not as memorable as polite society when it all comes down. With a handful of projects under his belt, by now I expected the career of Mr. 3 to be launched to new heights, but he still hasn’t seen the shine he deserves. His latest release, No Fux should be the breakout project to put him on the map.

No Fux is an album that can get any college beer pong tournament started in a major way. Just imagine the song “Potty Mouth” being played in a movie like Project X or American Pie. No Fux is one of those mixtapes where you only know one of the producers credited on it. For me that would be Evil Needle, who I recognized from past work with El-P. There are no guest apperances, which could be a positive or negative depending on your preference. Another hot track off No Fux is “Guy Fieri.” The nod to The Food Network’s Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives is too cool! Last but not least the closing track “Watermelon Mane” has a really nice Herbie Handcock sample.

Mr. 3’s voice and punchlines always make his projects what they are. The Patrick Nagel inspired album cover is incredible in itself as well. No Fux may not be as hot as Polite Society was, but I’m still feeling a 4/5 flies for this one.


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