quincy brown (2)Will someone please call Cookie Lyons to mediate this potential mess because we know she’d get resolution in less than the forty-eight minute run of an episode of “Empire.”

Conflicting reports have surfaced that Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has banned his adopted son Quincy Brown’s guest appearance on Fox TV’s breakout hit “Empire” after his being asked to sign over his music rights for any music that would appear on the show.(issue resolved, no singing)

(Yes, Al B! Sure, you are the father!)

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quincy diddy (2)Prior to P. Diddy’s alleged ban, Quincy was “guaranteed” a role on the show. Diddy’s said to have attempted to meet with 20th Century Fox TV executives to encourage them to change their policy on music rights to no avail and reportedly said there was no way his son was signing over his intellectual property. A source said Empire’s director Lee Daniels is “super excited about having Quincy on the show.”……Is Daniels was thinking about Quincy Jones and not Quincy Brown?

Representatives for Fox don’t comment on casting rumors. However, word from the curb says Quincy never tested for a role nor actually offered a role on Empire, but did have some very preliminary discussions. It is common knowledge Timbaland has been Empire’s music director from day one and the show uses his library of music, as well as original songs.

Quincy is an actor and singer, who, just released his first single, “Friends First,” featuring French Montana (it’s not bad and certainly no worse than half the hot garbage that’s out today.) Quincy is the son of Al B. Sure! and Combs’ ex-girlfriend Kim Porter whom Combs adopted. Whatever does or does not happen, Quincy better “B! Sure” and perhaps this mess will work itself out so he may be considered for the second season of “Empire.” I can see him being a thorn in the side of Lucious Lyon’s marginally talented son Hakeem…..yes Gawd!!

Combs has allegedly transferred the publishing of the bulk of Bad Boy artists to Quincy.