Marc ByersMarc Byers has been named to the newly created position of General Manager of Motown Records. Byers is based at the famous Capitol Tower in Hollywood and will work closely with Motown President Ethiopia Habtemariam to design and execute its business strategy and development. Habtemariam commented, “We are excited to have Marc Byers join the Motown team! His level of experience, impact, and proven results in our business is undeniable. Marc is extremely passionate and dedicated and I couldn’t be happier that he’ll oversee our day-to-day operations!”
Byers most recently served as the Founder & co-CEO of Rockstar Entertainment, which encompassed music management, marketing and a publishing venture with Sony/ATV. He has also provided consulting services to a variety of corporate clients, including Pepsi and BuzzFeed. From 2009 through 2011, Byers was instrumental in the formation of through his consultation agreement with Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation. Byers also produced the 2012 feature film Black November as well as the 2014 short film Pepsi Beats Of A Beautiful Game, directed by Idris Elba, and MTV’s Philly Day in 2010, with Tuma Basa. He was previously an A&R Director at Atlantic Records.
Byers commented, “I’d like to first thank Ethiopia Habtemariam for her trust, support and invitation to come to Motown. She’s done a remarkable job re-establishing Motown in a new era. I’ve held Motown in high regard my entire life, and have always been inspired by Mr. Berry Gordy as an entrepreneur having such class and respect. I’ll do my best to uphold the Motown standard that continues to inspire young people, just as I was. I’d like to also thank Steve Barnett and my family for your support as well. I couldn’t have joined a better team!”

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