500 Old SchoolFormat 3000 founders Rick Nuhn & Ron Shapiro are again offering the “Old School 500 Countdown” for the upcoming holiday season.

The Countdown features the 500 Greatest Old School Songs of all time, compiled and researched with input from some of the finest radio stations across the country.

The “Old School 500” showcases nearly every song on the Countdown with an interesting vignette or interview clip from the artists involved in recording these classic jams. All told, it’s 45 hours of superb programming.

This year the “Old School 500 Countdown” will be available for $10 an hour. Yes you read right! $10 an hour for what is widely recognized as one of the most complete and compelling countdowns currently available.

For more information on this new and novel approach to securing the finest programming for the holidays, please contact Rick Nuhn at 310 869 1111 or rick@top10nowandthen.com

Hear The Old School 500 Demo Now>> http://www.top10nowandthen.com/home/old-school-500/

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