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Kiki J’s Street Swag Gives Indie Artist Their Big Break

K104’s (Dallas) Kiki J grew up listening to Tom Joyner and air personality Barbie Doll Peaches. She hung on to their every word. The Ft. Worth Texas resident says she wanted to do something that allowed her to do the things she loved the most—listening to music and talking. That was when she decided to pursue a career in radio.

Currently, program coordinator for K104 and KRNB, she started attending classes at a local broadcasting school where she excelled. When K104 hosted a “DJ on DISPLAY” contests Kiki got her first chance to be on the air. She did not win the contest but perseverance paid off and while working for General Motors, she met an air personality that afforded her the opportunity to work as an apprentice where and learned to work the production boards and answered the station’s phone lines. After catching the eyes of the decision makers at the station, she was offered a position.

She began working for KKDA-AM during the week and answering phones for K 104 –FM during the weekends. She took the industry by storm after a decade of producing, programming, and being on-air. In 2007, Kiki J gave independent artist in Dallas/Ft. Worth a shot by hosting an “Open Mic Night”, a platform for exposing unsigned artist As a significant force in the local hip-hop scene, her success with the independent artists gained national notoriety and she was subsequently she was offered her own show, Street Swagg Sunday. She helped launch the careers of the GS Boyz, DSR and Dorrough. Street Swagg Sunday continues to dominate the market Sunday nights from 7pm-12am. Kiki J says, “I love my city; growing up here and seeing people from other cities come and embrace our artists and want to hear our music is such a good feeling!”

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  1. Rasta Dno

    I’m interested in attending any and every event to promote and get some radio play. A little bit about myself, my stage name is Rasta Dno, I own a label called Street Proper Entertainment. My group name is Sharkgame. We performed in a few local showcase venue’s, with other artists like Mr. Pookie, and DSR. I’ve been digital distributing through Reverbnation for about a year now on main music sites like iTunes, and Spotify. I was born and raised in Dallas and believe I have what it takes to make a difference, not only me, but over 500 fans and supporter will agree. If you have any questions I can be reached at 2148665890 at anytime. Think you for taking the time to read this and have a good one… Rasta Dno


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