Noel Gourdin “Heaven Knows”

Noel Gourdin cover

Noel Gourdin… the artist that brought you

“The River” and

“Beautiful” is back with his new single

“Heaven Knows”

Already Playing On:

KBLX-San Francisco, KTWV-Los Angeles, WBAV-Charlotte,  WUHT-Birmingham,  KOKY-Little Rock,  WAKB-Augusta, KDKS-Shreveport, WKXI-Jackson, WBLK-Buffalo, WMPZ-Chattanooga, WTTH-Atlantic City, WXST-Charleston, SIRIUS-XM, Music Choice and more!

Watch the “Heaven Knows” video here:

“Noel Gourdin was someone who caught me off guard. I was like who in the hell has me driving down by this river? The voice and the music was something I had needed. He has it.”
A. Hamilton


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