Introducing: Swag Squared

Swag Squared

Swag Squared

Swag Squared is an urban-inspired, community-sourced art & design collective. We’re an L3C (limited profit company) focused on sharing the majority of profits with the original artists. We’re starting with t-shirt designs, but moving quickly on to tote bags, onesies, koozies, and other swag all designed with urban swagger…swag to the 2nd power…Swag Squared

Swag Squared is about urban life and culture. It is a tribute to the captivating sights and experiences you only find in urban areas: the storefront-lined blocks, the greenspaces cleverly nestled within those streets, and the frenetic pace at which it all moves along. The food, the sports, the music, the nightlife, the people…we’re about it.

We’re not just about designing swag though. We’ll be posting about city life and the urban culture, defining Swag Squared’s brand through media, music, and causes we care about. Check us out right now at #SwagSquared

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