As iconic a figure that the entertainment world has ever seen, Marvin Gaye remains today, more than 30 years after his death, a relevant and influential part of music.

His storied career spanned 4 decades and in each he left a legacy of songs that defined R&B, Pop & Soul Music.

Whether it was his earliest hits as a songwriter, his dynamic duets with Tammi Terrell and so many others, or is social and sexual commentaries in the 70’s, Marvin left his lasting stamp on music.

On the next edition of Top 10 Now & Then, we salute Marvin Gaye, the man and his music.

The program features interviews with Marvin himself, as well as his contemporaries Smokey and Stevie, plus those he influenced like Babyface.

If your station would like to run The Marvin Gaye Special free of charge, contact Rick Nuhn ([email protected] 310-869-1111) and Top 10 Now & Then will supply you with a link that will be available until April 5th.

“During March and on his Birthday and Death day in April (1st & 2nd) we will salute Marvin Gaye, the man & his music” and remember there is no charge for this compelling content!

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