According to TMZ:

If you see Janet Jackson in concert and shoot a video — warning: keep it off Instagram or there will be hell to pay, as in … your content being deleted out from under your nose.
Several Janet fans are claiming their IG accounts were completely taken off the grid without warning after they posted video from one of JJ’s “Unbreakable” tour stops. janet-jackson-unbreakable-audioIG sent out an email to the account holder saying their uploads violated copyrights. Since the copyright on Janet’s music would belong to her and/or her label … it seems like her camp is behind the crackdown.
Some Janet fans aren’t taking it well, since they’re also losing non-Janet content. As one put it … “Definitely boycotting Janet Jackson in concert & Instagram until this is resolved.”
That might be a while. Some users got a message saying their account has been permanently deleted. Translation: Your IG friends are gonna … miss you much.

Instagram-LogoGood news for pissed off Janet fans … an Instagram spokesperson tells us only “repeat infringers” should’ve had their accounts deleted, but a bug resulted in accounts getting deleted that should not have been. We’re told the bug has been fixed, and IG is in the process of reinstating users who were incorrectly affected.

Together again.