Out of the abundant amount of artists our friends over at デーモンAstari put on, recently I’ve been bumping a lot of Oliver Francis (stylezed as Oliver~). The Columbia, MO rapper has a style best described as a combination between Yung Lean and Chief Keef.  After watching the video for “Wwaavvyy” I knew this guy had to immediately be added to the P A L M tree. Oliver~ has a wide selection of videos on YouTube to choose from, but that one along with “Polo Socks,” “Johnny Tsunami,” and “23” are my favorites so far.

Oliver utilizes auto-tune heavily, but not to the point that it’s annoying. This combined with the drugged out lyrical content would cause some to call him a white version of Future.

I’m curious to see what Oliver~ comes with from here on out. It’d be dope to see him collab with the likes of Lil Peep or Bones. Oliver will be featured on Palm of P A L M Vol. 6 coming soon!


Instagram: PrettyAwesomeLitMusic

Twitter: @dylanisPALM