Aretha Franklin & Ariana Grande

The Undisputed Queen of Soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin is sending out a special thank you to the Board of Directors of the annual Billboard Woman in Music Luncheon for choosing her as the recipient of their first Icon Award! The award’s recipient is given to a female artist whose music has shaped the industry!  Ms. Franklin has certainly done that and more. The award bestowment comes a few short weeks after Franklin again made history as the first female artist to have 100 hits on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts!  Franklin also added some solid advice for the younger generation of female singers, both established and on the rise!

“With much appreciation to the Billboard Women in Music Luncheon board for selecting me to receive this most historical Icon Award. Hopefully I have, and I am setting an example and standard for younger singers as both a barometer and role model as a woman and an artist.  I would love to see younger artists involve themselves more in their communities and in civic happenings.  The younger generations are our leaders of tomorrow and the future of this country will eventually rest in there hands.  Artists such as Mary J, Mariah and Snoop who have taken an active interest in helping battered women and children and young men where there is an absence of a male role model in the home like Steve Harvey.  Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson Ariana Grande and Alicia Keys are excellent younger role models for aspiring young women and potential celebrities. Don’t forget the food banks in your communities, the church tithe and voting!!! So many people have lost their homes and are struggling to make ends meet, make your contributions for Christmas and do it with regularity!”